Our Philosophy

The Genesis

In 2010, together with her father, Nathania R. Juwono remodeled a traditional Balinese Shophouse to create a basic Bed & Breakfast in Bali. Her dream was to provide business travelers with basic comfort, security, and a home-style service, that’s right a home-style service. It is the thing that chain hotels are not able to provide, knowing your name, printing your itinerary, or tying your shoelace.¬† Today we adhere to Nathania’s hospitality model by offering personalized and home-styled service. It may not be five-star with marble floors, but it definitely creates The Personal Memory, hence the name TPM Hospitality.

Staying True

At TPM Hotels, we believe in a culture that motivates and empower people. We celebrate the individuality and the guests alike. Most of our key people are avid travelers, who constantly research, develop and redefine the needs of discerning travelers.

We believe in a culture that¬† celebrates the individuality of our guests and employees alike. Perhaps it’s this unique mix of individual expression and social responsibility that inspires a strong emotional connection with our guests.Refering ourelves as a social enterprise, we employ people and empower them with life-skills, personal development and giving plenty of room to grow. As the result, we have a group of people who are confident, happy, capable and a good citizen in the society.

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